Making Tongs and the Beginner Blacksmith.

A thought on tongs for a 1st project. I offer this advice up quite often so take it however you wish. What are tongs to a blacksmith? Well, they are a tool that aids us in holding material. Tongs are usually meant to hold specific sizes and shapes of material in a specific orientation, although some variation in all these can be found. You're not gonna hold a 1/2" round stock in a pair of 1/4" flat jaw tongs very well. Tongs are the killer of the blacksmiths budget in my opinion. A few hammers can do everything we need,...

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It's been a great fall in the shop, lots of mashing steel and making friends.


This fall has been a blast. The shop has been busy with orders and people stopping by as the weather began to turn. Knives, tools and much more has been happening and it's been such a fun time.

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Hammers, Tools and even some knives to end a great March.

Blacksmithing Bottle Openers BTK Hammer tools to make tools upstate south carolina WIP


March is almost reached the end and what a crazy month it has been here in the shop. So many projects and working on getting them done. Hammers were made, several people coming through to check out the shop and even managed to get a few knives ground out. Some things may be changing here in the short-term which will bring about a reduction in time in the shop, but it should set me up better for the long-term goals as well.

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A ton of forging going on. Hammers, tools and more from the shop!

Blacksmithing Bottle Openers Hammer tools to make tools upstate south carolina WIP


What a busy past month it has been in the shop. Didn't really forget about the blog, but with all the projects and people coming through, it has been tough to keep this up. Hopefully I can get everyone caught up on the past few weeks on all the tools forged, classes and more here in the shop.

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Two more done and on to preparing for spring!

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The start of the year has been a mess of projects, mainly around the house, which has caused a shortage of shop time. Although some things are getting done, but not at the pace I'd like.

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